1,000 COVID-19 Relief Packages to Kandy, Sri Lanka

On the 19th of May 2020, Sri Lanka Office of Eastern Social Welfare Society (ESWS) donated 1,000 emergency relief packages to the Kandy District Secretariat. The relief packages amounting to 15.1m rupees consist of essential food items such as rice and sugar, hand sanitizers, etc. They will be provided to vulnerable people in urban areas and farmers in Kandy, which is one of the biggest cities in Sri Lanka with 15 confirmed cases as of May 21st.

ESWS addressed “we hope this donation will help the vulnerable groups who are in a difficult situation due to the poor environment, a long-term curfew, and the economic depression. Eastern Social Welfare Society will continue to stand with Sri Lanka to overcome COVID-19.”


※ Sri Lanka Office of ESWS, in partnership with KOIKA(Korea International Cooperation Agency), has been supporting various development projects and fellowship programs since 2018, and currently implementing a 3-year educational support project in an effort to improve educational environment and capacity of estate sectors in Kandy area.