15th National Adoption Day

On May 11, 2020, ESWS held a celebration for the 15th National Adoption Day and awarded people who have served for adoption.

As many government gatherings have been cancelled to prevent the spread of COVID-19, on this day, this ceremony was held independently by ESWS and three people at Eastern were awarded by president Dr. Kim Jinsook on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea.

The Presidential Citation was awarded to Mrs. Hye-gyung Kim, director of Adoption Services Department at ESWS ; the Prime Minister Citation was awarded to Mrs. Suk-hee Hong, a foster mother; the Minister of Health and Welfare Citation was awarded to Pastor of Pu-ruen Church, Nam-gyu Park.

Mrs. Hye-gyung Kim, the Presidential Citation awardee, has been working for the past 37 years making contribution not only to adoption area but also to establishing facilities for single mothers in need at ESWS, pursuing to expedite and invigorate childcare services and adoption in South Korea.

After receiving the award, Mrs. Kim said, “it would not have been possible for me to pursue one area for a long time and to receive such a valuable award without my fellow social workers, adoptees, and adoptive families. I will continue to work for raising awareness of public opinion on adoption.”

The Prime Minister Citation recipient, Ms. Suk-hee Hong, has been working for children as a foster mother for the past 22 years taking care of a total of 56 children awaiting adoption including those with developmental disabilities, microcephaly, heart disease, and history of psychiatric illnesses with a lot of love and responsibility.

The Minister of Health and Welfare Citation awardee, Pastor Nam-gyu Park, adopted two children and fostered a harmonious family along with two children of his own. By making a presentation and sharing his experience as an adoptive parent at an educational program session for pre-adoptive parents, Pastor Park has contributed to promoting domestic adoption in South Korea.

We would like to use this opportunity on the 15th Adoption Day to once again thank the awardees for their contribution in serving for adoption and to congratulate the recipients for their awards.