2020 Korean Language Program

On September 9, there was an official meeting for this year’s language program.

Eastern Social Welfare Society holds ESWS Korean Language and Culture Program yearly in an effort for our adoptees to establish healthy self-identity and have a chance to experience Korean culture. Unfortunately, as adoptees’ visit to Korea has become difficult due to the spread of COVID-19, all the programs planned had to be postponed or cancelled, and we decided to offer online program to those of the adoptees who were already staying in Korea.

There are two adoptees participating this program for 10 weeks from 11th of September to 25th of November at Ewha language center in Ewha Women’s University, and there is a possibility of the program to be changed into face-to-face classes.

Before taking part in the program, as all the participants are supposed to take a level test through which they can figure out their respective level of listening, writing, and speaking so that they can take classes according to it, making this program more helpful for them.

ESWS hopes that all the adoptees participating this event can have a special opportunity to cherish their heritage by learning Korean culture and language.