A group of mothers at Seoul Foreign School participated Two+gather Campaign

A group of mothers at Seoul Foreign School participated 7th “Two+gather Campaign” of Eastern and sent us masks for children in need. This mask making campaign enables us to help many people involved. This kit is first made by elderlies in our Seodaemun Senior Club who need jobs. Then, the amount of proceeds made is used for children awaiting adoption. Finally, completed masks are going to be used by children in need including children cared by foster families, physically challenged children, and children staying at our facilities after being abandoned or abused.


Thank you for your love and efforts to support ESWS and children we are taking care of by participating this meaningful campaign.


Two+gather Campaign 7 – Mask Kit is getting involved in two things, making donation and volunteering(sewing), at the same time by purchasing DIY Mask Kit and sending completed masks to ESWS to be distributed to children in need of love and care. If you are interested in taking part in this campaign, please e-mail us at info@eastern.com