Mission and History

In 1971, the Eastern Social Welfare Society was founded for the children and neighbors who were suffering and rejected from society at the time. For the past 40 years, we have directly and professionally helped those in need while offering them a happier and better quality of life. As a professional social welfare organization, we actively operate social welfare services for children, single parents, disabled people and the elderly. We also operate social welfare services for Korea as a whole, along with international regions. In our midst, there are still parents who cannot raise their own child, people who are struggling due to their congenital disability, adolescents about to give up on their education due to poverty and elderly people who have to live a lonely life all by themselves. These people all need a neighbor’s helping hand. Through the constant support and sponsorship of many people, the Eastern Social Welfare Society is fulfilling our mission of helping people who are in need realize the value of life.

Our Mission

“Life is God’s precious gift. Therefore, life is everyone’s happiness and everyone should be grateful for life.”

Our History