Our Leadership

From Our PresidentIt is time for you to look around, and share hope to those in need.

Thank you for visiting our website.
I am the president of Eastern Social Welfare Society, Jinsook Kim.

On the basis of the Christian philosophy, ‘Take care of orphans and widows in their affliction’, we have been helping people suffering from various difficulties for more than 40 years so far.

Despite all the difficulties and challenges, ESWS has made meaningful changes and steps forward thanks to the prayer and support of people who care for us. In this fast -paced world, ESWS has focused only on pursuing the best interests of children and people in need and has grown into a specialized organization achieving our goal of realizing the value of respecting human lives. In the pursuit of the goal, we will keep moving forward to responsibly help our vulnerable neighbors such as children in need, single mothers, seniors, and the handicapped with our expertise and experience.

ESWS will continuously provide services and critical care to those who need our help and do our best to contribute to making this world better and promising for them. I hope you can be a part of us by supporting ESWS with your warm heart.

Thank you very much.

Dr. Kim Jin Sook

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