Adoption Process

Adoption Process

Intake → Temporary Care at the EBH → Foster Care → Matching with Adoptive Family → Departure


– Intake
• After children are relinquished by their birth family they are taken in by a social worker into a center.
There are various centers located in the following cities: Seoul, Incheon, Anyang, Daejeon, Daegu, and Pusan.

• There are counseling services available to single mothers who decide to place their children for adoption.


– Temporary Care at the EBH
• After intake, children are taken into the “Love the Children Clinic” which is affiliated to Eastern’s Main office for a medical check-up. Their height, weight, head and chest circumference are taken and a medical history is written down which information of immunizations, and whether the mother drank or smoked during pregnancy. A doctor also takes an inventory of the baby’s nutrition and growth development.

• After the check-up, children are transferred to the Eastern Babies’ Home where they are taken care of by a team highly trained nurses and caretakers. Children stay hear until they are matched with the domestic adoptive parents, or sent to a loving foster home.


– Foster Care
What is a Foster Family?
• Definition
The foster family is the one who gives the child individual care while the child awaits
its adoptive family. The foster family is the family that puts the child in loving environment to prepare the child’s transition to their adoptive family.

• Eligibility
In order to become a foster family there are qualifications that need to be met. The candidate must be healthy,
at peace with their life and all family members must agree to the candidate being a foster parent.
The candidate needs to have experience raising children. The youngest child in the household cannot be younger
than six years old.
The candidate cannot do other work.
The candidate’s home cannot be more than 1 hour away by car from the Eastern Headquarters.
The candidate’s home needs to have good lighting and air ventilation.
Candidates cannot be older than 60 years old at the time of application.

• Selection Process
A) Applicants can apply through the phone, internet or in person at the main office.
B) Social worker visits foster home
C) Family health records(to see if she has TB, Hepatitis, etc) attained and submitted to ESWS
D) Foster Parent education and training.
E) Foster Parent is selected
F) Child is placed with foster parent.
• Duties as a foster parent
Foster family take care of children who are mostly younger than a year old 24 hours a day.
ESWS and foster parent work together for the quality of life for the child.
Foster parent brings child to the ESWS hospital for regular check-ups and to a specialist if needed.
(Optional) Foster parent can work to create a small album of pictures of the child before adoption so that the adoptee can look back on what he or she looked like.

• Supervision for the Foster Family

• Home visitation to monitor the adjustment of the baby
Monthly meeting and counseling at the Eastern with a social worker and medical staff (checking for feeding, bathing, sleeping, vaccines, developmental evaluation, Lab tests, etc.)
Assisting and counseling of other various matters and requests on fostering


– Matching Babies for Overseas Adoption in the case of USA
When no domestic adoptive parents are found after five months old, then the case is open for overseas adoption lIn the case of the USA, we have affiliated organizations that match up interested parents to the baby and send us the ‘assignments papers’. Received documents are then thoroughly reviewed for qualification.
In the case of Australia, governmental social workers for different States carry out home study for interested parents and send us the documents. After we match the baby with the parents, the result is then informed to the appropriate government office.
Baby’s health and developmental updates are sent to the parents as needed.


– Departure
• Adoptive Parents
When parents come to Korea for court summons, minimum of two meetings with the foster family are arranged for smooth transition.
When the legal procedures are completed, ESWS provides preflight report, health card (including immunization records), departure bag, Photo albums and other memorabilia(e.g. Korean traditional dress) can be given by the foster parents.