Coming Lonely Children’s Day in Korea



 Eastern Social Welfare Society E-news – April 2020 
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Coming  Lonely Children’s Day in Korea
In South Korea, Children’s Day is observed on May 5th every year. It reflects the high value that families in Korea place on children. This day is when children become top priority of a family, expect presents from parents, and spend the day as they want to have fun. 
There are about 250 children who are staying at our child care facilities without parents including Jacob’s Home, Eastern Children Rehabilitation Center, and Southern Gyeonggi-do Children’s Home. Normally, companies and sponsors of ESWS make donations for us to throw a party and give presents for them on the Children’s day. Now a days, due to COVID-19, children cannot have fun outdoor activities like a picnic or field trips and only have to stay indoors to be safe and healthy. 
Also, as we had to stop all the visitors and volunteers, the amount of donation has drastically declined this year. So, It would be wonderful if we could raise money to offer children without care and love from parents what they like and make this children’s day special for them as they deserve. 
 If you make a donation and let us know the purpose of the donation (For Children’s Day)  the amount of donation you make will be used to make our children happy!
Duration of Children’s Day Donation : From Apr. 22nd to May. 4th)  

It would be really appreciated that if you could take part in this fund raise and help us keep our children safe and healthy.  
The Ways you can make donation 
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