COVID-19 Relief Assistance

As Luzon Island in Philippines being locked down amidst of the crisis due to Covid-19, ESWS has decided to provide urgent support for children and families residing in the island who have hard time purchasing groceries and items.
With proper social distancing and mask-wearing, all of our beneficiaries received packages of food, alcohol, stationery, and diapers. Also, packages were delivered for those families that do not have a travel pass (in Philippines, no one can travel around without the travel pass in an effort to prevent COVID19)

1st support: on March 29th (99 families) – milk, rice 10kg, sweets, eggs, alcohol, etc.
2nd support: on April 30th (90 families) – rice 10kg, eggs, vegetables, pencils, materials to study, vitamins, diapers, etc.
3rd support: on May 28th (81 families) / 29th (9 families) – formula, milk, eggs, vegetables, etc.

Thank you our sponsors and volunteers enabling us to support children at Angeles Eastern Children Center who need our help!