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● Direct Bank Transfer

Overseas Wire Transfers (Foreign Currency Only)
– Bank Code Number: SHBKKRSE
– Bank Address: 6 Yeonhui-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea 03784
– Bank Phone Number: +82-2-3142-6442
– Bank Account Number: 180-004-661651
– Depositor: Eastern Social Welfare Society, INC
– Eastern Social Welfare Society Address: 26 Yeonhui-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea 03784
– Name on the Account: Kim Dojong, Eastern Social Welfare Society, Inc.

Sending Checks (by airmail)

– 26 Yeonhui-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea 03784 Eastern Social Welfare Society
* Your Name and the Purpose of Donation should be stated in your check.
ex) For Adoption Services by John Doe

 Domestic Transfer (if you have a Korean bank account)
– Bank Name: STANDARD CHARTERED BANK (스탠다드차티드 은행)
– Account Number: 300-20-329308
– Name on the Account: Eastern Social Welfare Society (동방사회복지회)

※ For more info: +82-2-333-1588 /


Women in Need
For financial and cultural reasons, single mothers are exposed to harsh living condition. They are easy to be victims of social prejudice. Thus, ESWS is operating five shelters for 39 single mothers and their children. We also provide counseling services, job training, as well as accommodation. (visiit for more information!)


Children in Need
Every year, we are caring 300 babies waiting for adoption at foster families and baby care center. They stay under our protection about for 2 years before they are adopted. AS WE HARDLY HAVE SUPPORT FROM GOVERNMENT, your private donation is urgently needed to protect these babies before they are adopted. For instance, approximately 30% of the babies have medical problems that require special attention care. We also welcome your donation of diaper and formula. We have concern for our caregivers’ mental health.


You can help…..
You can support child victim of domestic violence or neglect for their psychological therapy.
You can support two education centers at Philippines for Korean-Filipino children abandoned by Korean fathers.
You can join our founder, Dr. Kim Dukhwang’ s legacy – Project School for North Korean Children.

For more information, please read our campaigns and programs at our homepage carefully.


What to Donate
Your sponsorship is very important to us. ESWS is a private organization which is funded by private donations. You can provide us with fund or materials such as medical treatment, diapers, formulas, clothes, and caregiving cost of foster family. You can support an education course for Philippine children in poverty at our Philippine education center. Regardless of amount and schedule of donation, you can support our agency’s general program. For example, it costs $100 for a baby’s monthly consumption of diaper and formula.