Fundraise for Prevention of COVID-19


 Eastern Social Welfare Society E-news No. 4
ESWS campaign 

South Korean government raised COVID-19 alert to its ‘highest’ level and more and more people are getting infected by the virus every day. Due to this Corona Virus epidemic that we could have never expected as well as having no governmental support for this situation, we are urgently in need of additional funds in keeping children in our care safe and healthy from this coronavirus pandemic. 
ESWS are offering various programs and services for over 900 children in need including
Children waiting for adopting in our Babies’ Home and being taken care of by foster parents 
Abandoned and abused children at our Children’s Home / Jacob’s Home / Gyeonggi Pyeongtaek Child Protection Agency 
Physically challenged children in our Eastern Rehabilitation Center in Pyeongtaek
※ Eastern Social Welfare Society is an agency founded in 1971. For about 50 years, we have directly and professionally helped those in need, fulfilling our mission of realizing the value of life.  
Prevention Plan

In preventing the Corona Virus to keep our children safe and healthy, 

1) Items such as masks, hand sanitizers, and sterilizing sprays are needed the most. 
2) In an effort to keep places where children are being taken care of clean and safe, it is
     necessary that we disinfect and sterilize our facilities at least twice a month.

It would be really appreciated that if you could take part in this fund raise and help us keep our children safe and healthy.  
How you can make donation 
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